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I really enjoy co-teaching. I don't work in an affluent school and I have students in my classes that are 4-5 years behind (high school). The beauty of my situation is that I am in 1 subject area, 1 grade level, and work with 3 different teachers. We all do PLC together so that is helpful, but I would say the biggest need for co-teaching is common planning time.

If I don't have a common planning time with my co-teachers, then I am just a glorified aide in the room. Getting this time isn't easy either, but since our admin believes in the co-teaching model, they work really hard to schedule the common time at least once a week for us.

The other piece I would mention, is that both teachers need to be on board and know the different teaching models, expectations, and teaching styles of each other. I generally tell any new teachers I work with that they are the content specialist and I am the one that will differentiate.

I'm on year 9 of co-teaching and I think longevity with a good partner teacher is a must. Both you and your co-teacher need to sit down and determine how you want the room to run and see when you can have that common time. That would be my strongest advice.
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