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Private or public?
Old 04-14-2019, 10:49 AM
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If you teach at a private school, where ALL parents sign a homework contract, and they ALL know "homework is a thing"...then it's a maybe. People who crab can be referred to the document they signed.

Public school? For every Pooh Bear who has a nice spot to do homework, with crayons, paper, eraser and pencils, and also sane engaged parents, there's a whole other group that goes home to nightmare fuel.

Different examples...

I knew a six year old who had to kid wrangle younger siblings until 7 pm.

Start dinner

Help out at a family business (know 2 kids like this)

Dodge a horrible family situation in the home.

Sib in a travel sport, and they have no say in staying home.

Bounced between homes due to child care situation.

So...1st graders have no control over what goes on at home, and you have no crystal ball to peek into their home life. My kid's school would let them do make up work during down time, but not pull recess or other fun activities.

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