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I can only speak from my experience as I believe I am in a different state than you, but it comes down to numbers.

My state in the past 10 years has really come down hard on the number of kids who are in special schools, special programs or not spending at least part of the day with their general education peers.

My previous district had about 30 percent of the students with an IEP. In the past that district had put virtually any kid with in an IEP in a resource setting like you described. The moderate/severe needs were sent to other districts for cooperative programs with other schools or to special day programs.

But when the district's identified numbers reached 30 percent, they could not get away with that. Kids who just needed academic help were pushed into general ed for most of the day and very often eventually dismissed form services.

The same special ed teacher was doing push in, testing accommodations, study skills and small group for the kids that used to be in resource all day. This was upper elementary.

I had the class with the kids who were previously sent away. And I still had to send kids out of my room for at least 21 percent of the day.

There was also an informal push to not identify kids who in the past would have received services. Very few (less than 20 percent) of the students in this district were "at grade level" and it was considered being proactive to deny services to kids who were "just behind."

I should qualify that administration handled the roll out of this "new special ed" very poorly, but I bet it would be almost as bad in other schools as well.

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