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Clip to ScrapBook #11

My kids in second have difficult hone lives - not dangerous, but let’s go with independent. Many have parents that work 2 jobs, are wrangled by older siblings, go to babysitter’s at 4 a.m., etc.

My solution was to give homework they could do alone or with somebody. I would make them giggle by reminding them how important it was - read to the wall, read to the dog, read to the tree! Tell your baby sister your spelling words, you’re helping her learn! And so on. They thought I was nuts, but anything that might help!

15 minutes of reading (printed decidable book of the week)
10 minutes spelling (from a list)
5 minutes math facts (flash cards we made)

All of this went into a gallon bag kept in their backpack. If it got lost, no big deal - all paper, nothing “owned” by the school.

I never graded or held them specifically accountable, but I’d ask who practiced ____ before reviewing. If they did it, great. If not, we’ll, at least I provided the resources to give the opportunity.
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