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I would start with figuring out the function. Is he loud because he can't modulate tone or volume? Is he loud to drown out incoming sounds? Is he loud to get attention? Is he loud because it gets him removed from stuff he does not like/finds overwhelming? If you are not sure just sit back and observe, take basic ABC data - what happens before he is loud, while he is loud, as a consequence.
I have only non verbal kids with and and many of them are really loud. For many of the reasons named above. Most of mine stim loudly and the more overwhelmed they are by their environment, the more they tend to stim. For some noise blockers have helped. For some talking to them extra quiet (so they can regulate their sounds on yours) helps, for some pointing to 5 point scale visuals have helped. However I have never been a 100 percent successful. Often it is part of who they are. And while I understand that being really loud is not socially functionally, I also bristle at the idea that they have to spent most of their energy to suppress who they are.
Most of my non-verbal students tend to have okay language comprehension and all do much better when they know what to expect. Maybe a schedule, timer and social story (with visuals) before going into general ed. I would make sure that I start with just short increments and leave when things are going well so my student's loud yelling does not get reinforced by getting to leave. Set a visual timer and leave when it is up instead. Positive verbal reinforcement for doing well when leaving. It is always easier to build on a positive experience than building on something that ended badly.
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