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What would you pick?
Old 04-26-2019, 04:00 PM
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I was offered two different positions for next school year.
One is in a self contained setting. I would have 5 students and 2-3 assistants. Students have significant disabilities and high aggression potential. I have experience with their type of disability, but I am not a spring chicken, and not as quick as I used to be when dealing with aggressive students. I know someone at the school, and he says they have good staff, but it is high stress and there are a ton of work injuries. No curriculum (BYO -build your own). I'd have 1 hour prep/due process time a day. Decent principal.
The other would be students with mild disabilities, case load of about 40 students (8-12th grade). One assistant plus safety officer available to deal with behavior. I'd teach intervention type classes for groups of 30, part my IEP caseload, part gen ed students. No curriculum (BYO). Highly mobile school, meaning higher turn over in case load. 2 hours of prep/due process time a day. Decent principal as well.
Pay and benefits would be the same.
What would you pick? Need to let them know by Wednesday.

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