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Yeah, math would be another major issue as well. I would bet in her mind, P is also picturing me teaching some math groups. We currently have 2 paras that are mostly pushing in, but it's mostly for behavior. I used to have a super basic program that a para could and did run, but we've moved really far from that in the past couple of years and a para could never do what I and the other sped teacher do now.

Interventionists can meet sped minutes here too, but we very rarely do that. They often spend "extra time" (outside of the IEP) with identified kids. In the vast majority of cases, I wouldn't want to document their time as sped time because the kids would actually get less. Currently, the lowest kids meet with an interventionist during the grade level intervention block time and then at a separate pull out time for IEP minutes with me. I see my comparatively higher kids during the intervention block and that's all they get. If I started counting the interventionists time with my kids as sped minutes, that's all they'd get too.

I think she has an ideal scenario in her head that we simply don't have enough people to do. Back when I started, I was the only sped teacher and I had each grade level back to back for 45 minutes. All kids in the grade level came at that time no matter what their levels or goals were, and it really wasn't even 45 minutes because there was no transition time. Meanwhile, if the other teacher were to push in all day, she could be in each classroom for maybe 15-20 minutes of the day. What's that really going to do?

The interventionists share K-6 and I think P is thinking it makes sense for us to do that too. But, their responsibilities in some ways are totally different. They can just decide to give one grade level more time or some grade levels no time at all. They currently only do math for Kindergarten and 3rd and only one of them does 4th and 5th grade reading while they both do tons of extra time in 1st. We can't just arbitrarily decide to over teach/under teach some grade levels or subjects because we have to meet minutes.

After thinking about it more, if P wants to try this I'm going to insist that she sit down with me and make a schedule that would be feasible to get all of this done. I just don't think she's thinking it all the way through. I am totally open to not being as rigid with who does which grade levels if it means me maybe taking a pull out group for another grade level while the other teacher does something in class with one of mine, on a case by case basis.
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