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I have mentored several first year teacher's in a very busy, large special education classroom. I found the secret is to not overload the new person on the first week. Give the information out as needed.

Before first day of class cover:
  • her class list and their IEP's as they pertain to goals, objectives, and accommodations
  • her class schedule and any duties expected of her the first week
  • first week lesson plans including all the emergency drill information
  • introductions to the important people ie secretaries, ect.
  • any paperwork required
During the first week:
  • grading expectations, setting up grade books
  • tracking objectives and documenting services
  • contacting parents and maintaining a parent log
  • lesson plans for second week, how to make copies
During the second week:
  • progress report expectations
  • determining when annual reviews will be held
  • setting up a calendar of reviews and then back dating 8 weeks placing a start working on Billy Bob's IEP note on calendar for example if a review is due April 1st, I would put a note Feb 1 to start the IEP paperwork
During the third week:
  • Determining which state tests each of my students will take and the state objectives covered on those tests
  • Create a year long (very vague) plan to cover those objectives as well as the IEP goals. In Texas we are not expected to teach all of the TEKS. Texas gives us 4 Essential Statements per test to focus on.
From then on we meet every Monday and Wed before school to cover things for the week like first football game expectations, paperwork due dates, answer any questions

Eight weeks before first annual meeting:
  • how to develop present level of performance
  • how to use present levels to create a meaningful goal with obtainable but not easy objectives
Seven weeks before the annual meeting:
  • review the goals and objectives
  • complete the parts of the review that pertain to every student
  • how to determine the level of state testing and any accommodations the student needs
Six weeks before the meeting complete any supplements that pertain to the individual student. (I spread the review paperwork over three weeks as not to overload the new teacher)

I hope this helps

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