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Made My First Report to DSS
Old 05-08-2013, 01:33 PM
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I've never had to make a report to DSS before and I couldn't be more scared than ever after having done so. I have a student who has been through so many traumatic experiences this year. This student's parent comes to the school a lot because she is taking a GED class and yesterday she came and was walking through the school with sunglasses on and wouldn't even acknowledge her child in the hallway who was publically misbehaving even with her being right there to see. He told me that his mom got mad at him for not fixing his collar the way she asked him to and that she slapped him in the face. He also said that his mom and dad got in a domestic disturbance and that he saw her bleeding. I spoke with the guidance counselor and she told me that she thought all the information that we know about this child and this family that it would be a good idea to report it to DSS and have them decide whether they will take the case or not. Well I called and they just called me to tell me that they decided to take the case and will be at the school tomorrow to speak with the child. What I'm scared about is that I think his mom will be at the school because she will have class. What makes me nervous is that she will put two and two together and think it was me that made the report. I saw mom this morning and I didn't see any bruises on her face so now I think that we jumped the gun in making the decision to report. I know that there is so much that this child has endured and he has serious anger issues towards others and I know that I've met with both the parents and they have had the smell of drugs on them, but I don't know if what I did was right and I'm really scared now. Thoughts?

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