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What Do I Do About Girl Drama?
Old 07-22-2013, 04:57 PM
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Hi. I'm new here - this is my first post. I signed up JUST to ask this question:

A quick background for the sake of context: I spent 10 years teaching 5th Grade Gifted Ed. and recently switched to 3rd Grade Regular Ed. I'm also a male teacher so, maybe, I have a harder time understanding the whys and hows of girls.

So, last year was my second year of teaching 3rd and the absolute bane of my existence was girl drama.

The girls in my class were sneaky and mean to each other to such a degree that my class was interrupted frequently with crying and girls refusing to come back into the room after lunch or recess.

I tried a lot of things throughout the year to suppress the bullying but it cost me a lot of instructional time and student motivation - I'm SURE some girls skipped days of school to avoid their classmates ( and subsequently missed the instruction on those days ).

So, PLEASE, any advice you have as to how to prevent, mediate, handle, punish, etc. this stuff would be appreciated.

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