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Some years are better...
Old 07-23-2013, 05:57 PM
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I've had horrible years with this and then others are pretty good. One thing I've noticed, though, is that sometimes it's one girl that is instigating these reactions. I suggest that you try to see if there is a girl who seems to be in the middle of this but doesn't be complaining. If so, you might pull her aside and see what's going on.

I know it's frustrating and it is to them too, but I try to pull all the parties together and we've actually spent recess with the social worker one time, trying to come up with better alternatives. Your social worker should have a vast array of things they can suggest.

Unfortunately, girls can be catty. That kind of thing irritates me because what they're doing is basically being bullies. Usually my class knows I HATE (although I don't say that word in 2nd/3rd grade) bullying.
You can also teach them the I-message:
So and so, I don't like it when you do .....
It hurts my feelings.
I would like you to stop. (or something else they see as the solution)

I would imagine you're getting brought up in the middle and I've found that some of my students wouldn't even attempt to try to solve their own problems. Once they've tackled the problem then I will step in.
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