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Smugs R' Us
Old 03-27-2014, 08:11 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #11

I have his Cousins and I'm dealing with his Parents tomorrow!

Bring it on!!! I've dealt with him all year long little Mr. Do No Wrong and when I catch him it's my fault and I refuse to do no work and I wasn't talking and so on and so on. Ugh!! Mom says she's pulling him out of school. If he was in another Second Grade class he would've been written up Ten times by now and right now the office isn't taking any more referrals right now. The office just gave us our delightful you are on your own e-mail (another vent for another time) for the year the other day.

So this child apparently says I'm not challenging him enough but when I have 23 different children with 23 different personalities and Mr. Smug has behavior issues and an attitude and loves to argue and has an attitude and says "I don't have to listen, and I'm spoiled" he said this in front of my TA and I, "and I get what I want" amongst other documented lovely sayings and after talking to mom, Mom says she's pulling him so I have his cum pulled, his Writing Portfolio ready to go and his Dibels scores ready. Plus, my Documentation ready to go. This child has been a niche all year and a thorn in my side. Obviously, after numerous contacts, suggestions and offerings to try and help it's still my FAULT. UGH!

46 more days.
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