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I know how you feel
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A few years ago I moved from Pre-K to 5th grade. It's taken me a few years to really get a feel for the tested grade level. First, don't expect yourself to be perfect the first year. NO matter how much you research, prepare and talk with others you will feel lost at times and maybe be in survival mode (as I was!!) for a little while.
Second, here are some things I've started implementing that really help my kids. Please keep in mind I work in a title 1 district (low income) and a large percentage of the kids come to me already behind grade level.
1. Exit Tickets- I put 2-3 questions up everyday before my class leaves (I have 4 classes a day, I teach ONLY math) that they answer. These are questions that cover a current objective and previously learned objectives. I get an idea of objectives that need to be retaught to the whole class or can be retaught in a small group.

2. I reserve Friday for a review day. I found a pack of 20 review quizzes on TPT. I give one each Friday and work with only the ones who score below 80%.

3. Guided Practice- this is something that did not take long for me to realize HAD to be done. I use the 5E model. During explain, I go over 4-6 questions with them. Again, keep in mind that my students are already behind when they get to me in 5th grade.

Last, ask your district to consider purchasing stem scopes for Math. A lot of people don't realize they have this. It has everything you need for a 5E lesson for each objective (I don't know if this is something only in Texas, where I teach). There are a lot of online resources like Study Jams,, etc...

Sorry it's long, but I hope it helps. Good Luck!!
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