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I've had two concussions. The first happened about 25 years ago when I fell backwards while cross-country skiing and blacked out. The second happened two years ago when I slipped while getting out of the shower and banged the back of my head but did not pass out. Both times I had CAT scans to be sure there were no skull fractures or intercranial bleeding. The headaches lasted for several weeks and it also took a while for me to be able to concentrate or focus on something for long periods. Both times I was also told not to drive for a week and to avoid using anything with a screen (tv, computer, kindle, etc.). I would get really tired very easily with the least bit of mental exertion.

You might want to consider taking a few days off even though it's a real pain to miss time at the beginning of the year. Your brain has received a jolt and needs time to rest and recuperate.

Hope you feel better soon.
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