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I would choose public over charter, no contest. I know many people who have worked for charters IRL and have heard horror stories about really low paid, firing people mid-year for ridiculous reasons (i.e. a parent complains), ridiculous rules, long hours, etc. Especially if the public school has a union, I would choose that.

I do have ONE friend (of the 15 or so people that I know with charter experience) who left our school this past year to work in a charter and is happier. However, there are several factors to that. My school is very low SES, which obviously comes with significant behavior and academic challenges.

She moved to a charter in an extremely wealthy neighborhood with 0% free and reduced lunch. Her charter has a waiting list of 1,000 students. Her lowest student scored one year above grade level on end of year testing. Children with significant behavior challenges are kicked out, and they don't accept students with significant disabilities. She also was able to negotiate a significantly higher salary than she got at our school (which is also the only time I've heard of a charter paying more).

She does have to deal with helicopter parents and the hours are longer, but it's worth it to be in the significantly easier environment and making more money. I think her case is extremely rare. It doesn't sound like your case would be similar since it seems like both schools are low SES.

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