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Please research the charter. It’s great to ask people their opinion but, really, charters vary greatly between states, counties and/or cities. There is SOOO much misinformation and generalization out there about charters. We can all tell you our experience but it will most likely be different for the school you’re considering.

For example, these are some things that most people will say about a charter school (mostly negative):
  • You have to work longer hours. Not always true. I work at a charter school and spent way less time working than I did when I was at a public school. It’s a ghost town by 3:30.
  • You won’t get the same benefits. Not true. I get the same health benefits as my public school teacher friends.
  • You won’t pay into retirement. Not true. We do.
  • The school is run and operated by a business. Not always true. I’m at a public charter and are not for profit.
  • Your pay is going to be considerably less. Again, I make the same as the state scale. This isn’t always true for all schools but my schools values it for teachers.
  • Charter schools have high turnover rate. Not always true. This year we lost 1 teacher but only because his family was moving and he needed to move with them to secure child care. We’ve actually doubled the size of our elementary and we have have waiting lists for all grades K-10 (no waiting list at 11-12).
  • You won’t belong to a union. Well my state doesn’t have unions so that’s not even a factor.

In addition, we test way less than the public schools. We are only required to do BOG, EOG, EOC. Those are state required. We don’t have to do any additional benchmark assessments unless we want to.

We also don’t have a bazillion meetings a week. We have maybe one a month, if that, unless you have volunteered (true volunteered, not voluntold) to start up or be on a committee.

All this to say that everyone has a different understanding/experience with charter schools. It’s best you inquire with the charter school itself to ask specific questions.

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