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I worked at a Charter.
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I am biased because I've worked at a Charter school. Make sure to do as much research as possible.

My experience was rough. I quit because my main issue was that the administration took advantage of the staff. (Taking away excessive amounts if preps. I only had five total for the month of April and that included afternoon preps. Putting students who assaulted you back in your classroom same day, being sent home for "inappropriate" attire even though you wore that outfit on several occasions previously.

The we're also relentless with observations. I had 12 this year, and I was even observed during snack time.

I really felt like a terrible educator this year. I was even criticized for the volume of my voice during instruction time. (I had always be complimented on my ability to project my voice)

Over half the staff has resigned at the end of the school year and I found out that this is normal since this school opened. And the administration have done nothing to boost morale.

Any school you work at will have challenges but you need to be mindful and careful of how your rights will be treated. My experience was bad, but I'm sure not all charters are as rough. If I planned on staying in the profession. I would need protection (i.e. a union) which is why I switched to public.

Good luck with your search.

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