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Clip to ScrapBook #6

  • Here are a few I have seen at times:
  • Blurting
  • Can't keep hands off other kids
  • Playing like kittens in pouncing and wrestling
  • Calling others rude names
  • Refusal to do the work
  • Zoning out and not doing work
  • Doing something else than the work
  • Mean jokes to other kids
  • gossip/rumor mills
  • K*I*S*S*I*N*G type taunts to other kids
  • Lots of testing friendship. She/he is my friend not yours.
  • Disruption/distraction
  • Goofing off/trying to distract friends
  • Chit chatting when it is not okay to do so
  • Getting giddy and hyper when it would be nice to not have them giddy and hyper.
  • Throwing chairs, threatening others, trying to injure others, screaming tantrums, hitting hurting others, Threatening to kill them self, screaming accusations of things towards others including the teacher- with severe behavior issue kids.
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