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Yes, the Million Dollar Question!
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Isn't that the million dollar question?!?!

I get what you're saying about classroom management, discipline, and also having to teach social and emotional skills. I recently moved to teaching ESOL/ELLs - the class sizes are smaller (but even 18, if half of them are Beginner learners, can be a challenge) and I get more one-on-one attention with the students. This helps me build better relationships with many of them than I would have during the 13 years I was a regular ed teacher with 25-32 students in a class.

With one new student I just received, he has been diagnosed with PTSD and was not even enrolled in school for the last two years. Don't imagine that was a picnic at home playing video games. He was probably dragged around everywhere, had no friends, no other kids to play with, and had major instability. Of course his behavior is often very unacceptable, but he's only been in my class about 2 weeks.

My point is - instead of giving punishments for his poor choices and behavior, I'm more concerned with teaching him my expectations and how to behave. Instead of paddling, the teacher-student relationship is key. Negotiating behavior and using poor behavior choices as teaching moments.

Hope that helps.
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