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Clip to ScrapBook #3

Nope it’s not the sketching...I told you how my daughter has way below grade level sketches to begin with and she does do them fast....they are almost scribbles.. .. one time she made them a little better(a little more detail to remember the story), but that’s due to her story which was longer and more detailed. She wrote a very detailed, long had to do with her Nutcracker recital and so she was really into the topic.... it may have been that she also had to add Multiple “key words” to the sketches for the first time that skill... I know when I’ve used WW, the kids had at least half an hour to write, writer conferences, & kids didn’t finish stories so fast...

My first thought would be sketching for other kids, but as I said she does them really quickly to begin with and they are mostly scritch scratch. We don’t color either....

I have been trained in writers workshop(back in my student teaching days when it wasn’t a popular curriculum) and used it....but not this exact program(I don’t think) may have been based off of Calkins tho.. Also districts I’ve worked in full time never had WWorkshop as a curriculum they bought.... I have used this one in districts I’ve subbed in.

Also this teacher says they have to sketch/plan/keyword the WHOLE story, each page, before they can start the story at all...l I think it would be reasonable to expect a story daily if they had a whole hour Or 45 minutes...but like I said this teacher says “20 mins” and my kid does over that.....

Also if you know my kid’s background, you’ll realize she’s doing good for her and what she’s capable of....she used to get writing anxiety etc.

Also when I have used Writer’s workshop depending on the kid and their writing capability as well as the topic and how detailed or long the story is, kids will finish at different rates. That’s part of how it differentiates per student.

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