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What is your goal? (Besides getting rid of stuff, of course)

Do you want to make some money? Or would you be happy to just get rid of the stuff?

If you have a lot, and money isnít the driving force, I would start donating at least some of the stuff. If getting some extra cash is important, you can try ThredUp for clothing. You might try your local listserv or other social media to find homes for larger more costly items, like yard equipment.

Try to pare down the quantity over the winter, and keep certain categories for your spring sale, so maybe you can have a theme or two. (Kidís toys, for example, or books, or old china).

Be sure you can display items so people can browse. If you have somewhere to hang clothes, for example, people can see them better.

Certain items (kids clothes, for example) can be sorted by size and sold by the bag for a small price.

I second the idea of tables with a set price. Use color coded dots on the items to indicate the price.

Also, be willing to dicker.

I have brought in families to yard sales with the promise of a kidsí free table with small toys and books. Usually the parents will buy other items while there.

Yard sales are a lot of work for (usually) a small profit (if you donít count your prep time).
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