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I donít know exactly what the original post said, but I gather it had to do with the desire to visit a hair salon in CA and when they might reopen.

I had been maintaining a short, pixie kind of cut for many years. Since it has been many months without a cut now, the hair on the back side has reached my shoulders. Of course, it doesnít look very good, but I just look at it as a challenge to see what I can do by myself to make me look presentable. Iíve snipped my bangs, and try blow drying it in different ways. And, I tell myself this gives me an opportunity, that when salons do reopen I now have the option of trying a new longer haircut style; get a new post-covid look. Lol.

I have no idea when salons might reopen, so I just try to practice keeping perspective and patience to get through these times.
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