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I had a bad experience with Door Dash last time I used them and I'm honestly glad, because it snapped me out of using them all together. It's so easy to just click and get exactly what you want, but SO expensive. Maybe it's just in my area, but my actual food would be maybe $17-20 and then with all of the various fees and tip I'd end up paying $40 for the meal! Their menus also tend to have markups on the actual food as opposed to going to the website for the actual restaurant.

I'd gotten in the bad habit when I was quarantined and using "well I can't go get it myself, I'm not allowed" as an excuse, and then went way off the rails with my diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and was literally ordering every 2-3 days .

The last time, my order was taking forever and I finally got the notification that my "dasher" was approaching, and it somehow took him 15 minutes to walk up to my porch and leave the food. It wasn't mine- the name on the bag was clearly someone else/not even close to my name. Not only that, but when I'd gotten the text showing where my food was, he'd added "this is not enough money." I'm not sure if the person whose name was on the food didn't tip, or if he thought my 20% tip wasn't good enough, but it really creeped me out. Not to mention, when I went out to get my "contactless delivery" he was standing at the bottom of my porch. I sort of awkwardly waved and hurried back inside.

I know it was a one off but the whole thing was just weird and I don't want to use them again- not to mention I'm back on the wagon with my calories and budgeting as well! I got such a creepy vibe that I was legitimately worried this man would try to come back to my house at some point.
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