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You are so right on both counts. IMO, based on previous and current experiences, males tend to be more puppy dog like. Frankly my oldest 5 I adopted are males for that reason. Then along came the 6th. There were 4 absolutely adorable gray kittens, 3 males, 1 female, dumped off at my vet. That of course was a very good thing. Since I would be bringing the kitten home to 5 other cats I selected the kitten with the most outgoing personality. She really is adorable!

As to the spraying/odor question, when I was finally able to bring 3 year old Georgie inside, because of his injury I couldn't have him neuter right away. The odor was an issue but fortunately my vet was correct, once he was neutered, the smell dissipated.

So, it comes down to personality, but the truth is cats being cats are unpredictable. Best of luck and thank you for opening your home to another ball of fur and fun!

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