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LOL. I know they exist but not around here...
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I have seen some folks post on FB groups that they have that in their districts.

I have taught some students NOT on my caseload, as do my colleagues. We assign caseloads and then put the kids in the classes where they need to be. I think it is easier to serve the kids on my caseload as I developed the majority of the IEP and do the testing/data collection.

I think it depends on the level of support rather than the titles.

I worked in a smaller district with a school psych. The school psych and her secretary scheduled all the meetings, invited the appropriate people, handled cancelations, and reserved the right conference rooms. That district also had a Transition person for all students over 14 and a compliance officer who went over every IEP with the standards in hand to make sure all the boxes were checked and it had no errors in any way.

All I had to do was fill in my parts of the IEP (PLEP, my goals, acc/mods) and lead the meeting. Afterwards, the psych and her office finalized everything, made the copies, handed them out, got the receipts and finalized those dates in the computer.

Another district had a diagnostician who handled all the testing and most of the eval/re-eval paperwork.

It is usually super nice to have the extra help. I don't mind being case manager right now as my caseload is the smallest it has ever been.

I mainly hate setting the meetings and trying to get everyone's schedule to coordinate.
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