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We have case managers here.

My current district the case managers run the IEP meetings and collect and submit paperwork and meeting notes. They are supposed to determine case loads and schedule paras at my middle school, but that does not happen at my school.

Teachers schedule meetings and write plop and goals. I think our case manager is supposed to do the scheduling but again teachers do. God bless Google docs.

The qualifications for the position are 5 years of special ed teaching/related services and a masters. It usually goes to someone who has 15 plus years teaching and wants/needs to leave the classroom.

They get an additional 10 percent of their salary as a stipend. Some get extra pay to be curriculum and testing supervisors.

My current case manager was seriously injured by a student and was transitioned to her role.

My previous district also had case managers, but in addition to the above qualifications they were required to have administration credentials and they did all special Ed staff evaluations. They were on the administration salary scale.

A good case manager does make the job easier, but a bad one can make it harder, especially if you are new to the building or district.

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