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I am not familiar with the book you are talking about but I recently did an activity with my class that went really well that you might be able to adapt. I got the idea from Lori Jamison Rog's book Marvelous Minilessons for Teaching Beginning Writing K-3. After the explanation I will try to attach a template I updated for you to use.

I did "I Knew it Was Fall" but I set it up for you to do "I Knew it Was November". We brainstormed a list of things we might see in the fall. Next you have the children each write the thing they saw each day. Then the following day you have them add details at the end of the line. The third day you have them add adjectives. I modeled it for my class and they really caught on well. I typed up the poems for them and hung them in the hall.

I will show you an example. I did September, because I didn't want them to just copy mine.

I Knew it was September because

On Monday I saw one teacher

2nd day I added rushing into her classroom.
3rd day I added excited
4th day I added empty

So the first sentence of the poem ended up saying:
On Monday I saw one excited teacher rushing into her empty classroom.

You do all 5 sentences each day of course but it is really doable. I told my class that we were going to prove to ourselves how revision could make a huge improvement in our writing and it really did.
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