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Writing or Reading Poetry?
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Not sure if you mean a reading or writing unit on poetry? I'm assuming reading. Last year I put a 2nd grade RW unit on Poetry and I loved it! It took a lot of backwards planning. I thought about what I wanted my kids to be able to do...

- notice descriptive language and be able to identify specific words and phrases
- identify the mood of a poem
- identify the author's purpose (show emotion, make people laugh, etc)
- make inferences (i would often block the title and have kids infer the title, via debbie miller)
- make mental images
- decide an author's message
- reading fluently
- identify figurative language (i'm in 2nd so we really only did metaphor, personification, and similes)
-making connections between poems and us/books/world
- how to deal with confusions

Then, I dove into poetry anthologies and pulled "mentor" poems that I thought would be good to teach these point. I copied them and put them all in a binder, organized by teaching point. Good poetry anthologies for kids are everywhere, and this was actually my favorite part.

We do this unit at the same time at Lucy Calkin's Poetry Unit, which is FABULOUS and it's one of my favorite times of the year. I think poetry can work just as well for 4-6th grades as it does for 2nd.

I wish i could just send you my binder but hope his helped!
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