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I am wondering
Old 08-28-2019, 05:35 PM
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if my superintendent asked her to feel me out. This teacher is also a friend/acquaintance of my family. I was recently moved from a grade to another grade and our class numbers are decreasing. It just kind of feels like ageism. I did blurt out...WHY do you want to know and I don't know if I really heard her answer.

Somewhat unrelated...This summer I went to purchase a gift card for someone who I was staying with. I knew they liked this restaurant/bar and I waited for them at the bar to come help me. Another patron came in and they served them! I was very p*ssed and wanted to walk out but didn't have time since I was leaving soon and needed the gift card.

Anyway. I think school wants me out. Because I'm old. Or because they don't feel I'm doing a good job or because it will save them money. I'm not really sure. And I'm making assumptions.

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