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Clip to ScrapBook #7

I completely understand where you’re coming from - it’s a popular blame game. I like to make sure to refer to these as “our kids,” because I’m an EL teacher, but they have another teacher (or many in jh), too! I’m not the ONLY one responsible for their learning!

Our “underperforming” subgroups last year were our SPED and EL. I’m like - these students are SPED FOR A REASON. You can’t expect them to be on grade level, no matter how hard they work or how hard you teach. A learning disability means the capability isn’t there for whatever reason.

As an EL teacher myself, I moved back to junior high last year and fielded many questions about why our ELs couldn’t seem to hit targets. My only response was - there was no EL teacher here for two years. They’ve been left to their own devices with no support...did you really expect them to blow the tests out of the water with no supports?

Our other push is “not dumbing it down” for ELs or SPED. I hate that phrase by the way. According to our curriculum person, they should be getting exactly what every kid is getting - yep, let’s stick a newcomer into a fifth grade class working on Engage New York...that’s so smart!

Lets give them a chance to settle in and learn some basic English first!
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