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Is easy. Itís been happening for at least 20 years now. It really all started with no child left behind. Politicians canít point the finger at the real ones who have the most influence in a childís education. THE PARENTS! More parents out there who vote than there are teachers. If the kid messes up, blame someone else. Itís hard to admit that maybe the way you parent isnít working.
Iím sorry you sat through that. Good luck with the rest of the year.

I was in grad school when NCLB came out. In the one class we analyzed NCLB and other supporting documents. I wrote the only dissenting paper on NCLB in the class. Professor asked to meet with me regarding it. She couldn't understand why I wasn't all in with NCLB. In the end she said it was well thought out and written but not to mention it in a job interview.

When I got my first teaching job the principal told me "it's the student's right to fail." Several years later the principal, now a superintendent, is quoted in the newspaper saying "we're not in the business of failing students." The difference? he was a principal before NCLB; a superintendent after NCLB came out.
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