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I think it all depends on how one personally reacts when someone is states their opinion, and that's what is usually it, just their opinion, which everyone has a right to express.
Don't get into the grind of taking people's right to have an opinion as a personal attack directly towards you.
You’re right on surface level, of course. If I could leave my feelings out of all interaction, I’d never get hurt. But I don’t turn off my feelings—and some of my feelings are good and helpful to others.

Your response is exactly what the person I knew would have said, “If they’re offended by what I say, that’s their problem.” IMO there’s a big difference between opinionated and rude. We all have opinions, but most of us learn to state them politely. Small examples:
*I shared a new item and was told, “I don’t like that.”
*She asked me what brand of something I got and then said, “I prefer....”
You’re right that she’s “only” giving her opinion. My argument is that she does it in such a way it is hurtful to others.

Yes, there are people whose philosophy is “take me as I am or eff you.” But I don’t want to be one of them. I’d rather get my feelings hurt occasionally if that’s the price to pay for being kind and considerate.

I am opinionated and sometimes my opinions may seem harsh, but I never want to hurt others.
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