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Clip to ScrapBook #12

I work with someone who is called "Never wrong Renee" because she is, well, never wrong (in her mind).

Someone brought in jars of honey to share, it came from their backyard bees. Renee insisted that the honey couldn't have come from their back yard as it's not five acres and you need five acres for bees. We searched the Internet and found nothing, the bee keeper had heard nothing of this either.

Robert Ballard (the guy that found the Titanic) is now searching for Amelia Earhart's plane. Never wrong Renee is emphatically convinced that Robert Ballard has found the remains of the plane. His expedition started on Aug 7 and if he had found the plane or pieces of it I'm certain it would be front page news.

Her husband is a quiet, patient man; we wonder how he puts up with her.
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