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I've always thought that people's retirement plans were like people's finances. If they choose to bring them up, that's fine, but asking is pretty tacky, unless you have a close personal friendship in which you've reached the point where you can ask one another anything.

I've known a lot of people who ask because they are angling for a different position and want a sense of when one will open up. For example, I knew a teacher a few years ago who wanted to become a school librarian. A couple of opportunities were opening up at other schools, but they would have meant a longer commute. The librarian in our school had been there a long time and was in her early 60s. For the younger teacher, she was trying to calculate whether it was worth waiting it out at a school she liked or pursuing her preferred position at rougher schools that would be less convenient travel-wise. She eventually came out and asked the librarian if she had plans to retire, to which to librarian took great offense. As it turned out, however, the librarian WAS planning to retire but had told only one close friend who also happened to want the librarian position. The outgoing librarian wanted her friend to succeed her in the role and so told nobody else so the friend could quietly campaign and lobby administration without anyone else knowing the position was about to open up.

So... I get why some people ask. But I wouldn't do it myself no matter the reason because... like I say... tacky and presumptuous.
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