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Worksheets are one type of manipulative. Some how worksheets got a bad rap.

In my opinion, dumping a box of pattern blocks in the floor without giving instruction for learning to occur is just as bad as using worksheet after worksheet without instruction also.

I remember someone said that dumping linking cube on the floor without instruction is better than any worksheet. I disagreed and asked, "So are you saying that teaching a concept and providing demonstration to show the class how to work with the concept and then have students working in groups to show each other how to work with the concept, and then bringing it home with an individual worksheet where the "child" shows how he/she can work with the concept independently is not as valuable as dumping linking cubes on the floor without any instruction to how to use the linking cube to work through a concept and watching students build towers that have nothing to do with what concept thay is suppose to be taught or watching students throw linking cubes at each other is more value because linking cubes are considered more acceptable manipulative than "worksheets?"

My opinion is use the manipulative or strategies that works best for you - for you teach each concept to the group of kids you are assigned.
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