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Use of sanitizing wipes in the ckassroom
Old 09-03-2019, 08:32 PM
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Not exactly a vent, but a concern.

In my former school district we teachers were given the edict, that under no circumstances were we to use sanitizing wipes in the classroom due to over the counter wipes being toxic. We were given a spray bottle to be used after the end of the school day. They contents were a small amount of bleach with the rest of the bottle of water.

We could use micro fiber clothes with hot soapy water to wash desk tops, counters, door knobs.

We were provided blood born pathogen kits if there was a nose bleed, vomit, or toileting accident.

My new school is tiny.

The aide has had the task to “sanitize” the desks and surfaces in the past. She wears gloves. The former teacher had her do this daily, while the teacher took the class outside for PE for the last half hour of the day.

I do PE in the morning, when it is not 105 degrees.

The aide was gone for the first week of school due to a medical issue.

Now she is back, and I literately got ill smelling the sanitizing wipes. I told I had been wiping the desks with hot water. She acted like I was a crazy loon and was pretty upset about that.

She said, “Well you used the wipes before school started.” I replied, “The classroom was filthy.” Plus the students were not there, and the door was open for ventilation!

She did not agree, told the custodian who got a tad uptight saying that bleach rules. By the way they are relatives.

Does anyone have an idea on where I can find the health and safety regs for California schools?

I want to bring this up with admin and have the information precise and correct.

I have read that over use of antibacterial sanitizers is harmful, and I do not want to rock the boat, but still do not want to smell the stench of the sanitizing wipes.

Thank you for your ideas and help.

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