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The SpEd answer
Old 09-04-2019, 03:23 PM
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That answer is.....It depends.

What do the student's IEPs say? Where is their instruction to take place? How many minutes? What kind of testing is the SpEd teacher doing?

These are all questions I have to answer as the SpEd teacher. In our state, if the IEP says the student receives services in the general ed classroom, then I only need to provide the specialized instruction to the teacher to deliver (I don't personally do this, but it is legal). If the IEP says the instruction takes place in a resource setting, then they should be pulled for their time.

As for the testing, SpEd teachers generally have to do the grade level assessments as well as building, district, and state assessments and then the ones required for the IEPs (Woodcock-Johnson and such) this takes a lot of time.

Ask them about the testing and see how many they have to test (multiple grades levels gets difficult). Can you talk to this teacher? I truly understand your frustration, but the beginning of the year is a ton of paperwork for a SpEd teacher.
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