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Have you talked to her? I have had four principals and none of them have allowed me to start pull out groups right away. They want kids in their regular rooms learning new routines/procedures/rules. I am typically given a date to start that's 2-3 weeks in. I know a lot of our teachers think that I am getting "extra planning" during the first few weeks and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I am running like crazy dealing with all the new transfers and paperwork. I always appreciate just starting my regular schedule because it's actually a lot less work.

My district requires us to do this absurd DIBELS DEEP test for all students who are "red" each year. It takes at least 45 minutes per child. A couple of years ago I started asking if I could at least start pulling my kids 1:1 just for that testing during the first couple of weeks when I'm not allowed to do regular groups so that I don't finally start regular groups only to have to spend the entire time testing.

As for testing kids 1:1, I've always done that unless it's something like an intervention block where all students in the grade level leave and my kids would have nowhere else to go. I personally feel like it would be absurd to pull them out of class where learning is happening to sit in my room doing busywork/i pad apps with headphones on while I test just one child. BUT if a teacher was up in arms about it, probably not a battle I'd fight and I'd do just that. Another factor is what kind of testing it is. Something like the DEEP test, not as big of a deal if a teacher is going to insist on her students sitting on i pads in my room. For something like a formal Woodcock Johnson for an evaluation, I wouldn't be able to budge on that because there are certain setting requirements you have to meet. The results would be invalid if it wasn't a 1:1 testing session.

I always say that any date I start services, I have at least one teacher furious with me that it's "too early" and a least one furious that it's "too late." It's very difficult to work with so many teachers who often make assumptions rather than just coming to talk to me.
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