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Hate morning meeting.
Old 09-05-2019, 09:01 AM
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We are required to spend the first 20 minutes of the day doing a morning meeting type activity. I absolutely despise this. I tried it a couple of years ago, and it was awful I greet each one of my kids personally when they come in, and speak to them briefly about their day. The whole "morning meeting" deal is not my style, and it feels very inauthentic when I do it.
That being said, I HAVE to do it, and I've already run out of ideas. I hate the cheesy activities that I'm finding online, and in the Morning Meeting book I bought several years ago. I teach 4th grade, and find most of these things to be silly and the kids hate them (yes, I'm sure they also pick up on my feelings about them.)
What are some more authentic activities I can do during morning meeting?

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