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Morning Meeting
Old 09-06-2019, 02:14 AM
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I'm glad I'm not the only one! I also teach 4th grade and it just doesn't feel like me! I keep mine short and I teach the kids how to do it.
  • They greet each other with a fist bump and say good morning
  • They share one thing, your favorite desert, game at recess, etc.
  • We play who remembers? This is based on what the kids shared and they have to remember who shared what.
  • We do a quick activity, their favorite is heads or tails. We chant: "heads or tails, heads or tails, head or tails everybody lock it in, lock it in now!" The kids either put their hands on their head or hips while we chant. When they lock it in, I flip the coin. If their hands are on their heads but I flip tails they have to sit and vice versa. The last one standing is the winner. We do three rounds and it's quick.
  • I read a quick morning letter that says what we are doing, and I base it on one things I'm teaching that day such as today we are learning about parallel lines, don't forget to turn in your permission slip etc.

My morning meeting is usually about 15 minutes but it feels more like me and it checks the box for the Principal. I agree about the old Tribes with Community Circle. When I first started teaching that was the newest greatest thing. That went away and this morning meeting thing will too!

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