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My nightmare
Old 09-06-2019, 05:53 PM
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I need encouragement and input. My district moved me (due to budget cuts) to a new school for this year. The school is about an hour drive for me where my old school was in my neighborhood. My old school was title 1 but we were one of the best schools in the state. New school is third worst in the state.

When I was told my new assignment I was told I would have a small class that struggled and that I would have a lot of support from a very supportive principal. So first day of school comes along and I know within a few minutes all of that was a big lie! I have three students with Autism, one student with severe ADHD, and one student that is Schizophrenic/autistic/OCD. On top of that the students are beyond low! I teach 1st grade and most do not have basic skills they should have gained in Kindergarten.

My new admin is not remotely supportive! She has already thrown me and other staff under the bus with the district. On the second day of school she ranted to my first graders about how teachers at our school needed to learn to respect her more.

We are a month into the school year now. I have had a parents get in my face and go off on me. I took 5 minutes of recess from her son for some major things and she went off. She told me her son didn't do those things and he can't lie. That it broke her heart that there were teachers that made up lies about kids and she called me a bitch.

I honestly can't teach in this school! The behaviors are so bad! My one friend literally gave herself a scalping because she didn't like how her hair was blowing from the air vent.

I am a 5th year teacher. I am soft but have never had an issue with classroom management before. My new principal does not allow us to dojo, WBT, or other popular behavior methods. She got onto me the first week of school that I shouldn't "force" students to do their work. As you can imagine, CHAOS bounds!

I love teaching but for the first time ever I hate my job! I have cried all evening and this is what I do most evenings. I have a long distance boyfriend but he has been really busy with some things in his world and I don't think he fully understands how stressful this is to me. I am hoping if things continue to go well with him and I can get a job, to move to his state for next school year.

But, in the meantime.....I need help! I don't know how I am going to make it this year! Some of my Kidds are so sweet and they are so low. But, I can't teach them because of the behavior issues! More than one teacher at the school has told me my class list was horribly unfair.

I need encouragement. I need ideas in dealing with the bad behaviors and being able to get these kids moving up! I need help in not taking attacks from a parent so personal. I am falling apart this year and this is so not like me!

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