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When I moved states, I went
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from a high performing and functioning school, to one of the worst schools in the best district in the state. So, I can relate. Stupid parents- Try not to let them get to you. Many of them had a hard time in school when things were stricter. They think schools are the same and assume the same things are happening that happened to them. They think they are protecting their child. If they get nasty, get up and leave. Getting called a bitch? Above your paygrade!
I also had a parent tell me a long time ago that her son did not do something. I'd seen him do it multiple times w/ my own eyes. She told me her son had never lied. I wanted to call BS so bad, but refrained. She pretty much called me a liar.
Your P sounds like a piece of work! That is usually how schools get such a crappy climate! Good luck and get out when you can.
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