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Joined: Jul 2007
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I respect what teach3rd said, and s/he obviously has a lot of knowledge about teaching reading, but I disagree with using nonsense word assessments. (I know a lot of people use them, but I'm just generally opposed to them on principle.) I think you would get as much information about decoding ability by using leveled word lists and see how high kids can go. Noting how they decode multisyllabic words can tell you a lot about their decoding skills.

I also think you can get kids to highlight punctuation. Have them use a highlighter or colored pencil to mark periods and commas. This will remind them to slow down.

Also, students can partner read, much like 5thGrdTeach suggested, only instead of jotting thoughts down on a post it, the listening partner summarizes the reading. Every paragraph or page, the students switch who is the listener/summarizer and who is the reader. The person who reads can look back at the text to be sure the summary is accurate.
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