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Has anyone done remote and in person at the same time in a sped setting?
Old 09-10-2021, 09:28 PM
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We just got word today that we're going back to quarantining . This year it was supposed to be that just the positive person isolates.

Last year our remote service plan was that we cut IEP minutes in half, but made them 1:1 via zoom. I actually really enjoyed it.

I won't bore you with all of the details, but there is no way that can happen this year. In addition to a bunch of other factors, we're not cohorting so I'm back to having 4 grade levels.

The only way I see to meet minutes is to keep my remote and in person schedules exactly the same. If kids are quarantined, they will have to just zoom in to their regular group and they'll be on zoom while the other students are with me in person. Sucks, but I can't think of another way to do it with our current set up.

My question is, is it a privacy issue to have a zoom broadcast of a sped classroom? Say students A and B are quarantined and students C, D, and E are not quarantined/still in person. If I zoom in students A and B, parents and siblings in those households can watch what students C, D, and E are doing in my sped classroom.

Do you think that's okay? Any precedence for this? I was thinking, surely there are other schools that had to do both this past year and there is some sort of precedence for this.

OTOH, there are so many weird privacy things with sped. We're not allowed to reference an IEP on the front page of a report card "in case someone else were to see it and then they'd know that student has an IEP." We also weren't allowed to create our own google classroom last year, because kids/parents could click on the "people" tab and see who else is in sped. Obviously if they're watching them on zoom, they're going to know who else is in sped.

I haven't broken the news to the rest of my team that it's just not going to work out to do what we did last year. One of my teammates always goes straight to this privacy stuff (she's the reason we couldn't do the google classroom last year) so I know she'll bring it up. I'd like to have my thoughts organized before Monday.

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