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Is 3 chances too many?
Old 09-14-2021, 12:24 PM
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I have more questions. I am currently using a 3 strikes youíre out classroom management method. In my classroom, the first time is a warning and usually, it gets fixed then with most students. After that, if the behavior continues, I have a conversation with the student, ensuring that they understand the expectation and reteaching the expectation. Then, in the third reminder the student has a consequence.

Here is what I have found with this method. I give many warnings. Then the student behaves for about 45 minutes, then they do it again. At this point, it has been long enough I have started over. So itís just tons of warnings. OR, I speak to a student about their voice level and they get a warning for that, then they yell out so itís a warning for that, then they run in the classroom so a warning for that. Should I combine them al? Warnings for all things count? I donít know. I feel a little like it is too lenient despite my consistency.

Any advice? In the past I have used a clip chart and I also have positive incentives to motivate students but I have two boys who are CONSTANTLY playing. I have given them both consequences but nothing has changed. I thought I did well with establishing a great rapport and relationship but now Iím questioning!

Any advice is appreciated!

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