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Handling Middle School!
Old 02-07-2019, 05:35 AM
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Yesterday, I had an hour from hell. Details: last hour of the day, 6th grade music class, about 25 students in a small room with only chairs, no desks. Also, no lesson plan. I had a heads up that they were going to have nothing to do (music teacher had said to let them play games on their chromebooks but classroom teacher said that never goes well) and so I came prepared with a set of trivia questions, intending to divide them into groups and try to get a little friendly competition going.

When I arrived at the school, the homeroom teacher says, "Yeah...we've been having lots of behavior issues lately so you really need to have something for them to work on. Here's a comprehension packet. Read it with them and have them independently work on the two essays for the rest of the class."

I tried. I really tried. They talked, laughed, complained, some threw things and ate pencils, one girl physically threatened another loudly. They had to write on their laps or the seat of their chairs. One girl scrawled on the front of hers: I couldn't focus because there was too much talking!! (Gee, thanks for the teacher eval!) I did feel badly for the few kids who did everything they were supposed to since I spent so much time struggling with the many who weren't.

I have to be back in that room at the end of the day on Friday and could use some advice about to handle it. I know it's important to communicate expectations and to have a sense of humor. I know I need to get them on my side. In terms of the bigger picture, it's way too early in my career as a sub to be turning down jobs because I can't handle the age level. Any advice would be appreciated!

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