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Clip to ScrapBook #8

I would just add that I think it's important to share expectations that are reasonable, particularly under the circumstances described. We don't have to give up "control" of the classroom (it could be argued that we don't have it in the first place) to negotiate some agreements. A simple example might be it's okay to talk as long as the noise level doesn't get too high... and, of course, you become the judge of what's too high--unless you appoint a noise monitor.

I'm a big proponent of "sharing" the responsibility for classroom management with the kids within limits. Kids of all ages are pushing the envelope, trying to figure out how much freedom they have. If there's any magic involved, it's getting the kids to bond with you instead of against you. We are ultimately in the business of teaching good decision making.

It sounds like the story had a happy ending--the principal's pep talk effectively created that bond.

I think your observation regarding two philosophies is reasonably correct. I strongly prefer to keep the kids with me but wouldn't go so far as to say "at all costs." While I've never had a situation that required sending a kid to the office, they know I will if they make it necessary. So far, that's never happened.

Some of the teachers I work with use the approach "I think we need a break from each other" when sending a kid to the office. That makes a lot of sense to me.

I do think it is "smart" to use resources and am certainly not being critical of how you handled this. It worked!
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