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For me it is hit or miss. I've had some interesting subs over the years. Since I teach small groups, at least 50% of the time my sub is pulled to cover an unfilled classroom job. We have a sub shortage. As a result and the fact that I can't guarantee what will happen even if I do have a sub, I leave busywork that I really don't care about.

I do label everything, separate out assignments for each group, and put it in the order it needs to be taught in. I've still had subs confused . I leave things like phonics packets, read alouds, math practice packets- or a non-fiction book with instructions for kids to write down 3 facts they learned.

If it doesn't get done, no big deal. If I don't have a sub or for whatever reason she doesn't use the materials I left, I simply save everything for the next time I'm out. Since it's all busywork, it doesn't matter what else we're doing in class that week/what it's connected to. If you have frequent issues with the plans being followed, I'd stop trying to have subs teach your regular lessons and leave them something that doesn't really matter if it gets done or not.

I have an MTSS meeting day once a month that I'm supposed to have a sub for. I literally have plans still that I wrote from the January meeting because my sub has been pulled every time since then. I just keep putting the same ones out "just in case!"
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