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Piggybacikg off of Evan....
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Clip to ScrapBook #5

I have not stepped foot in another school in probably 10 yrs, other than for an inservice once in a blue moon. So I truly do not know what other schools believe in different states when it comes to this.

Does your school expect you to teach ALL of the kids the same grade level that are in your room alike? Like Evan....mentioned she was expected to teach division when the kids did not know their basic x facts.
I have seen where some schools want "fidelity to a program" on the board.

Is it common practice in your school that everyone gets taught on 1 class grade level as opposed to where they are?
I know schools can be unreasonable by expecting you to catch them up to level, but that sounds really archaic if schools are expecting you to teach someone on 3rd grade level 5th grade material. So sorry! I was trying to make a new post and am

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