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My district is notorious for putting caveats on almost all accommodations except for maybe a blind student having a braille book (and not having to ask for one - ha).

Our district would have the IEP team use phrases such as "as requested" so that each and every homework assignment would require the student to ask if he or she could have it shortened. Some kind teachers who understand the game work well with the student and don't require the request, but others are just hard nose and know that it gives them the wiggle room desired (most often why the caveat was added) to ignore the accommodation or not be able to be called out on it if they forget or choose to ignore it.

So, how are your accommodations written?

A bit off of OP's topic....Before anyone goes to the argument that students need to be their advocates, my district really doesn't care where the student is on the advocacy level. They will slap that on everything for just about anyone. It isn't about building advocacy skills because there is never, ever a goal in the IEP to build those skills. It is expected that the special education student will actually go beyond what the general education student must do since for many of these accommodations they are still necessary all the time.
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